VFW Hall

9981 Central Valley Road
Silverdale, WA   98383
Service ProjectFlag Retirement6/14/2015
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/1/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting11/24/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting11/17/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting11/10/2014
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/3/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting10/27/2014
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night10/24/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting10/20/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting10/13/2014
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/6/2014
ChoreGear Day10/5/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting9/29/2014
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night9/26/2014
MeetingPack Check9/25/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting9/22/2014
MeetingPack Check9/18/2014
Special EventCourt of Honor9/15/2014
MeetingPack Check9/11/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting9/8/2014
MeetingPack Check9/4/2014
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/1/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting8/25/2014
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night8/22/2014
MeetingPack Check8/21/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting8/18/2014
MeetingPack Check8/14/2014
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/11/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting8/4/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting7/28/2014
Service ProjectWhaling Days Float Prep7/25/2014
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night7/25/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting7/21/2014
RideCycling Workup7/19/2014
MeetingPack Check7/17/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting7/14/2014
MeetingPack Check7/10/2014
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/7/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting6/30/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/28/2014
RideCycling Workup6/28/2014
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night6/27/2014
ChoreGear Day6/21/2014
Special EventJoint Eagle COH6/21/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/21/2014
RideCycling Workup6/21/2014
Special EventCourt of Honor6/16/2014
Service ProjectFlag Retirement6/14/2014
RideCycling Workup6/14/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/14/2014
MeetingPack Check6/12/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting6/9/2014
RideCycling Workup6/7/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/7/2014
MeetingPack Check6/5/2014
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/2/2014
RideCycling Workup5/31/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/31/2014
MeetingPack Check5/29/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting5/26/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/24/2014
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night5/23/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/17/2014
MeetingPack Check5/15/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting5/12/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/10/2014
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/5/2014
MeetingPhilmont Meeting5/5/2014
RideCycling Workup5/3/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/3/2014
MeetingPack Check5/1/2014
TrainingWilderness First Aid4/29/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting4/28/2014
Special EventChris Walls - Eagle COH4/27/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/26/2014
RideCycling Workup4/26/2014
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night4/25/2014
MeetingPack Check4/24/2014
TrainingWilderness First Aid4/22/2014
Board of ReviewBen M - Tenderfoot4/21/2014
Board of ReviewCaleb F - 1st class4/21/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting4/21/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/19/2014
RideCycling Workup4/19/2014
MeetingPack Check4/17/2014
TrainingWilderness First Aid4/15/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting4/14/2014
MeetingAdvancement Review4/14/2014
Fund RaiserRummage Sale4/12/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/12/2014
ChoreRummage Sale Setup4/11/2014
MeetingPack Check4/10/2014
TrainingWilderness First Aid4/8/2014
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/7/2014
MeetingPhilmont Meeting4/7/2014
ChoreSpring Cleaning4/6/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/5/2014
ChoreGear Day4/5/2014
RideCycling Workup4/5/2014
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/2/2014
Special EventMitchell G - Eagle COH3/29/2014
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night3/28/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting3/24/2014
MeetingSummer Camp Attendees3/24/2014
Special EventCourt of Honor3/17/2014
MeetingPack Check3/13/2014
Special EventCharter Presentation3/12/2014
Board of ReviewJJ M - Second Class3/10/2014
Board of ReviewOtis L - Life3/10/2014
Board of ReviewCharles L - Life3/10/2014
Board of ReviewBen M - Star3/10/2014
Board of ReviewAngelo P - Tenderfoot3/10/2014
MeetingAdvancement Review3/10/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting3/10/2014
NoticePhoto Night3/10/2014
MeetingPack Check3/6/2014
Special EventPack 4539 Crossover3/5/2014
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/3/2014
Special EventCamping MB Class3/3/2014
MeetingPhilmont Meeting3/3/2014
Special EventElectronics MB mini-clinic3/1/2014
Service ProjectJessie's Eagle Project3/1/2014
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night2/28/2014
MeetingPack Check2/27/2014
Board of ReviewDavid K Star2/24/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting2/24/2014
MeetingPack Check2/20/2014
Board of ReviewJed O - First Class2/17/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting2/17/2014
Board of ReviewJoshua O - Tenderfoot2/17/2014
MeetingPack Check2/13/2014
Board of ReviewJosh W. life2/10/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting2/10/2014
MeetingAdvancement Review2/10/2014
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/3/2014
MeetingPhilmont Meeting2/3/2014
Special EventOpen House1/27/2014
ChoreVFW Hall Cleanup1/26/2014
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night1/24/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting1/20/2014
MeetingPack Check1/16/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting1/13/2014
Board of ReviewNick O - 2nd Class/1st Class1/13/2014
MeetingAdvancement Review1/13/2014
ChoreGear Day1/12/2014
MeetingPhilmont Meeting1/6/2014
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/6/2014
MeetingTroop Meeting12/23/2013
Fund RaiserHawaiian Luau12/20/2013
MeetingPack Check12/19/2013
Special EventCourt of Honor12/16/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting12/9/2013
TrainingBackpacking/Camping Gear Clinic for Adults12/9/2013
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales12/8/2013
MeetingPreliminary Troop Budget12/8/2013
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales12/8/2013
MeetingOrca District Planning Meeting12/7/2013
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales12/7/2013
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales12/7/2013
Fund RaiserPampered Chef12/7/2013
Special EventChess Night Lockin12/6/2013 - 12/7/2013
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/2/2013
MeetingPhilmont Meeting12/2/2013
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales12/1/2013
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales12/1/2013
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales12/1/2013
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Pickup11/30/2013
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales11/30/2013
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales11/30/2013
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales11/30/2013
MeetingPack Check11/21/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting11/18/2013
Board of ReviewJarred E - Star11/18/2013
Special EventMovie Night Lock In11/8/2013 - 11/9/2013
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/4/2013
Board of ReviewJosh B - Life11/4/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting10/28/2013
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night10/25/2013
MeetingPack Check10/24/2013
Board of ReviewRichard S - Tenderfoot10/21/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting10/21/2013
MeetingPack Check10/17/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting10/14/2013
ChoreVFW Hall Installation10/13/2013
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/7/2013
Board of ReviewJed O - 2nd Class10/7/2013
Board of ReviewMyron D - Star10/7/2013
ChoreVFW Hall Cleanup10/6/2013
TrainingILST Lockin10/4/2013 - 10/5/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting9/30/2013
Board of ReviewRaymond R - Tenderfoot9/30/2013
Board of ReviewConnor H - Tenderfoot9/30/2013
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night9/27/2013
Board of ReviewCaleb F - 2nd class9/23/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting9/23/2013
MeetingPack Check9/19/2013
Special EventCourt of Honor9/16/2013
Board of ReviewKyle S - Life9/9/2013
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/9/2013
Service ProjectJack's Eagle Project9/8/2013
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field9/7/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting9/2/2013
MeetingPack Check8/27/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting8/26/2013
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night8/23/2013
MeetingPack Check8/15/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting8/12/2013
MeetingPack Check8/8/2013
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/5/2013
MeetingPack Check8/1/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting7/29/2013
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field7/29/2013
Board of ReviewCollin R - Star7/29/2013
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night7/26/2013
Service ProjectWhaling Days Float Prep7/26/2013
ChoreBlowing down the Parking Lot7/24/2013
MeetingPack Check7/24/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting7/22/2013
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field7/21/2013
MeetingPack Check7/11/2013
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field7/10/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting7/8/2013
MeetingPack Check7/3/2013
Special EventAdvancement Review7/1/2013
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/1/2013
ChoreScoutmaster Projects6/30/2013
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/29/2013
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night6/28/2013
MeetingPack Check6/20/2013
MeetingRope Practice for the Brothers6/19/2013
Special EventCourt of Honor6/17/2013
Special EventJoint Eagle Court of Honor6/16/2013
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/15/2013
Service ProjectFlag Retirement6/14/2013
Board of ReviewBen K - Tenderfoot6/13/2013
MeetingPack Check6/13/2013
MeetingJoint Eagle Court of Honor (Practice)6/13/2013
Special EventCamping MB Class6/10/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting6/10/2013
MeetingPack Check6/6/2013
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/3/2013
Board of ReviewNathan S. - Tenderfoot6/3/2013
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/1/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting5/27/2013
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/25/2013
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night5/24/2013
Board of ReviewJJ S - 2nd class5/20/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting5/20/2013
Board of ReviewKillian F. Tenderfoot5/20/2013
Board of ReviewCaleb F -Tenderfoot5/20/2013
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/19/2013
MeetingPack Check5/16/2013
OA EventServing at Orca District Recognition Event5/15/2013
NoticeOrca District Recognition Dinner5/15/2013
Service ProjectChris' Eagle Project5/11/2013
Fund RaiserPinewood Grand Prix5/10/2013
MeetingPinewood Grand Prix Setup5/9/2013
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/6/2013
MeetingPack Check5/2/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting4/29/2013
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night4/26/2013
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/24/2013
Board of ReviewNate S - Life4/22/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting4/22/2013
MeetingPack Check4/18/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting4/15/2013
NoticePhoto Night4/15/2013
Service ProjectVFW Hall Cleanup4/13/2013
Fund RaiserRummage Sale4/13/2013
TrainingILST Lockin4/12/2013 - 4/13/2013
ChoreRummage Sale Setup-4/12/2013
Board of ReviewThias D - Life4/8/2013
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/8/2013
Board of ReviewOwen S - 2nd class 4/8/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting3/25/2013
Board of ReviewSteven W - Tenderfoot3/25/2013
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night3/22/2013
MeetingPack Check3/21/2013
Board of ReviewJosh W - Star3/18/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting3/18/2013
MeetingAdvancement Review3/18/2013
Special EventMichael Jewett's Eagle COH3/17/2013
Special EventEagle COH Practice3/16/2013
Special EventCharter Presentation3/13/2013
Board of ReviewMike N - Eagle Palm3/11/2013
Special EventCourt of Honor3/11/2013
MeetingPack Check3/7/2013
Board of ReviewDean H - Star3/4/2013
Board of ReviewBrandon T - Life3/4/2013
Board of ReviewDavid K - 2nd class3/4/2013
Board of ReviewBen L - Tenderfoot3/4/2013
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/4/2013
MeetingPack Check2/28/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting2/25/2013
Special EventMike Newman's Eagle COH2/24/2013
Service ProjectAlex's Eagle Project2/23/2013
TrainingIntroduction To Outdoor Leader Skills2/22/2013 - 2/23/2013
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night2/22/2013
Board of ReviewJed 0 - Tenderfoot2/18/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting2/18/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting2/11/2013
MeetingPack Check2/7/2013
Patrol EventEagle Patrol Meeting2/6/2013
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/4/2013
ChoreSled Prep/Storage cleanup2/2/2013
Special EventOpen House1/28/2013
ChoreOpen House Hall Cleanup1/26/2013
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night1/25/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting1/21/2013
Board of ReviewRyan M - Star1/21/2013
Fund RaiserChili Cookoff1/19/2013
Board of ReviewTyler Q - Second Class1/14/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting1/14/2013
MeetingPack Check1/10/2013
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/7/2013
ChorePainting the back hall1/4/2013
ChoreScout Hall Work Day12/29/2012
Special EventCourt of Honor12/17/2012
MeetingPack Check12/13/2012
Board of ReviewSeth H - Life12/10/2012
Board of ReviewChris Q - First Class12/10/2012
Board of ReviewJarred E - First Class12/10/2012
Board of ReviewMyron D - First Class12/10/2012
Board of ReviewAustin A - Eagle Palm (Silver)12/10/2012
Board of ReviewGavin H - First Class12/10/2012
MeetingAdvancement Review12/10/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting12/10/2012
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 112/9/2012
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 212/9/2012
MeetingOrca District Planning Meeting12/8/2012
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 112/8/2012
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 212/8/2012
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 312/8/2012
Special EventMovie Night Lockin12/7/2012 - 12/8/2012
Patrol EventEagle Patrol Meeting12/5/2012
Board of ReviewJosh C - Tenderfoot12/3/2012
Board of ReviewEthan W - Life12/3/2012
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/3/2012
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 112/2/2012
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 212/2/2012
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 312/2/2012
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 212/1/2012
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - Shift 112/1/2012
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Pickup from Farm12/1/2012
MeetingPack Check11/29/2012
Special EventChess Tournament Lockin11/16/2012 - 11/17/2012
MeetingAdvancement Review11/12/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting11/12/2012
Patrol EventEagle Patrol Meeting11/7/2012
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/5/2012
Board of ReviewMitchell G - Life 11/5/2012
NoticeWreath Orders Due!11/5/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting10/29/2012
Service ProjectPhillip's Eagle Project - Day 210/28/2012
Service ProjectSteak Night10/26/2012
MeetingPack Check10/25/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting10/22/2012
Service ProjectPhillip's Eagle Project - Day 110/21/2012
ChoreVFW Hall Cleanup10/21/2012
TrainingILST Lockin10/19/2012 - 10/20/2012
Board of ReviewChris K. - Life10/15/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting10/15/2012
Board of ReviewDaniel K. - Life10/15/2012
Board of ReviewJ.J. S - Tenderfoot10/15/2012
MeetingPack Check10/11/2012
MeetingAdvancement Review10/8/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting10/8/2012
MeetingPack Check10/4/2012
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/1/2012
Board of ReviewMyron D - 2nd class10/1/2012
Board of ReviewChris Q - 2nd class10/1/2012
Service ProjectAndrew C's Eagle Project9/30/2012
Service ProjectAndrew C's Eagle Project9/29/2012
Special EventWoodwork Merit Badge Clinic9/29/2012
Service ProjectSteak Night9/28/2012
Board of ReviewSpencer S - First Class9/24/2012
Board of ReviewCayden R - Tenderfoot 9/24/2012
Board of ReviewDean H - First Class 9/24/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting9/24/2012
MeetingPack Check9/20/2012
Special EventCourt of Honor9/17/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting9/10/2012
MeetingAdvancement Review9/10/2012
MeetingPack Check9/6/2012
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/3/2012
NoticePopcorn Sales Start8/31/2012
Special EventMedicine Merit Badge Class8/29/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting8/27/2012
Board of ReviewBen M - Tenderfoot8/27/2012
Special EventCamping Merit Badge Class8/27/2012
Service ProjectSteak Night8/24/2012
MeetingPack Check8/23/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting8/20/2012
MeetingPack Check8/15/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting8/13/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field8/9/2012
MeetingNYLT Pack Check8/9/2012
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/6/2012
MeetingPack Check8/2/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field7/29/2012
Service ProjectWhaling Days Float Prep7/27/2012
Service ProjectSteak Night7/27/2012
MeetingPack Check7/26/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting7/23/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field7/17/2012
MeetingPack Check7/12/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field7/9/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting7/9/2012
MeetingPack Check7/8/2012
MeetingPack Check7/5/2012
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/2/2012
OA EventBrotherhood Ceremony6/25/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/23/2012
Service ProjectSteak Night6/22/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting6/18/2012
Special EventBangor Obstacle Course6/16/2012
MeetingPhilmont Pack Check6/14/2012
Service ProjectFlag Retirement6/14/2012
Special EventCourt of Honor6/11/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/9/2012
MeetingPack Check6/7/2012
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/4/2012
MeetingPhilmont Meeting6/4/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/2/2012
MeetingPack Check5/31/2012
Special EventPersonal Management merit badge session5/30/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting5/28/2012
Service ProjectSteak Night5/25/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/24/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting5/21/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/19/2012
MeetingPack Check5/17/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/12/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/7/2012
MeetingPhilmont Meeting5/7/2012
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/7/2012
MeetingPack Check5/3/2012
TrainingWilderness First Aid- Day 45/1/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting4/30/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/28/2012
Service ProjectSteak Night4/27/2012
MeetingPack Check4/26/2012
TrainingWilderness First Aid- Day 34/24/2012
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/23/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting4/23/2012
MeetingPack Check4/19/2012
TrainingWilderness First Aid- Day 24/17/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting4/16/2012
Fund RaiserRummage Sale4/14/2012
ChoreVFW Hall Cleanup4/14/2012
Fund RaiserRummage Sale Setup4/13/2012
TrainingILST Lockin4/13/2012 - 4/14/2012
MeetingPack Check4/12/2012
TrainingWilderness First Aid- Day 14/10/2012
MeetingPhilmont Meeting4/9/2012
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/9/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting3/26/2012
Service ProjectSteak Night3/23/2012
MeetingPack Check3/22/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting3/19/2012
Special EventCharter Presentation to the VFW3/14/2012
Special EventCourt of Honor3/12/2012
MeetingPack Check3/9/2012
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/5/2012
MeetingPhilmont Meeting3/5/2012
MeetingPack Check3/1/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting2/27/2012
Service ProjectSteak Night2/24/2012
MeetingPack Check2/23/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting2/20/2012
Special EventTravis' Eagle COH2/18/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting2/13/2012
MeetingPhilmont Meeting2/13/2012
MeetingPack Check2/9/2012
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/6/2012
MeetingSeven Year Plan2/4/2012
Special EventOpen House1/30/2012
ChoreVFW Hall Cleanup1/28/2012
Service ProjectSteak Night1/27/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting1/23/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting1/16/2012
Special EventAviation MB Class1/16/2012
MeetingPack Check1/12/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting1/9/2012
MeetingAdvancement Review1/9/2012
Special EventGame Night1/6/2012 - 1/7/2012
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/2/2012
MeetingPhilmont Meeting1/2/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting12/19/2011
MeetingPack Check12/15/2011
Special EventCourt of Honor12/12/2011
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - shift 112/11/2011
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - shift 212/10/2011
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - shift 112/10/2011
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - shift 312/10/2011
Special EventMovie Night Lockin12/9/2011 - 12/10/2011
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/5/2011
MeetingPhilmont Meeting12/5/2011
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - shift 312/4/2011
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - shift 112/4/2011
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - shift 212/4/2011
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - shift 112/3/2011
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree pickup from Farm12/3/2011
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales - shift 212/3/2011
MeetingPack Check12/1/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting11/28/2011
MeetingGear stowing11/16/2011
MeetingPhilmont Meeting11/7/2011
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/7/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting10/31/2011
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night10/28/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting10/24/2011
MeetingPack Check10/20/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting10/17/2011
MeetingPack Check10/13/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting10/10/2011
NoticeAdvancement Review10/10/2011
ChoreVFW Hall Cleanup10/8/2011
TrainingILST Lockin10/7/2011 - 10/8/2011
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/3/2011
MeetingPhilmont Meeting10/3/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting9/26/2011
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night9/23/2011
MeetingPack Check9/22/2011
Board of ReviewCraig O - Eagle9/21/2011
Special EventCourt of Honor9/19/2011
NoticeAdvancement Review9/12/2011
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/12/2011
MeetingPack Check9/8/2011
NoticeCamping Merit Badge Clinic9/5/2011
Service ProjectZak's Eagle Project9/5/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting9/5/2011
Service ProjectZak's Eagle Project9/4/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting8/29/2011
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night8/26/2011
NoticeAhrens' Retirement and Family Fairwell8/25/2011
MeetingPack Check8/25/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting8/22/2011
Service ProjectBryson's Eagle Project8/15/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting8/15/2011
NoticeVFW Post Picnic8/13/2011
Service ProjectBryson's Eagle Project8/13/2011
Service ProjectBryson's Eagle Project8/12/2011
Service ProjectTravis' Eagle Project8/11/2011
MeetingPack Check8/11/2011
NoticeAdvancement Review8/8/2011
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/8/2011
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field7/30/2011
Service ProjectWhaling Days Float Prep7/29/2011
MeetingPack Check7/28/2011
Service ProjectTravis' Eagle Project7/28/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting7/25/2011
Service ProjectTravis' Eagle Project7/24/2011
Service ProjectTravis' Eagle Project7/23/2011
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night7/22/2011
Service ProjectTravis' Eagle Project7/21/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting7/18/2011
ChoreRemoving Scotch Broom7/18/2011
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field7/17/2011
MeetingPack Check7/14/2011
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/11/2011
NoticeAdvancement Review7/11/2011
Special EventCamping Merit Badge Clinic7/11/2011
MeetingPack Check7/7/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting7/4/2011
RideWorkup ride- 10/20 miles7/2/2011
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/30/2011
MeetingPack Check6/30/2011
MeetingPack Check6/29/2011
RideWorkup ride- 10/20 miles6/25/2011
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night6/24/2011
MeetingPack Check6/21/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting6/20/2011
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/19/2011
RideWorkup ride- 10/20 miles6/18/2011
Special EventFamily BBQ6/18/2011
Service ProjectFlag Retirement6/14/2011
Special EventCourt of Honor6/13/2011
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/11/2011
MeetingPack Check6/9/2011
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/6/2011
ChoreLawn Mowing6/6/2011
NoticeAdvancement Review6/6/2011
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field6/4/2011
MeetingPack Check6/2/2011
Service ProjectAssisting Pack 540 Bear Den5/31/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting5/30/2011
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night5/27/2011
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/26/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting5/23/2011
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/19/2011
MeetingPack Check5/19/2011
Service ProjectAssisting Pack 540 Bear Den5/17/2011
RideWorkup ride- 20 miles5/14/2011
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/14/2011
Service ProjectAssisting Pack 540 Bear Den5/10/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting5/9/2011
NoticeAdvancement Review5/9/2011
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field5/7/2011
MeetingPack Check5/5/2011
Service ProjectAssisting Pack 540 Bear Den5/3/2011
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/2/2011
RideWorkup ride- 10/20 miles5/1/2011
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/30/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting4/25/2011
ChoreLawn Maintenance/Blackberry Clearing4/23/2011
Service ProjectVFW Steak Night4/22/2011
TrainingTLT Lockin4/22/2011 - 4/23/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting4/18/2011
ChoreMowing the Lawn/Ball Field4/18/2011
MeetingPack Check4/14/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting4/11/2011
NoticePhoto Night4/11/2011
NoticeAdvancement Review4/11/2011
Fund RaiserRummage Sale4/9/2011
Fund RaiserRummage Sale Setup4/8/2011
MeetingPack Check4/7/2011
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/4/2011
NoticeVFW Breakfast4/2/2011
ChoreVFW Hall Cleanup4/2/2011
Service ProjectVFW Steak Nite3/25/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting3/21/2011
Service ProjectScouting For Food - Pickup3/20/2011
Service ProjectScouting For Food - Distribution3/19/2011
MeetingPack Check3/17/2011
Special EventCourt of Honor3/14/2011
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/7/2011
NoticeAdvancement Review3/7/2011
NoticeVFW Breakfast3/5/2011
MeetingPack Check3/3/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting2/28/2011
Service ProjectVFW Steak Nite2/25/2011
MeetingPack Check2/24/2011
MeetingPhilmont Kickoff Meeting (Crew 2)2/21/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting2/21/2011
Special EventAutomotive Maintenance MB (1st day)2/16/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting2/14/2011
NoticeAdvancement Review2/14/2011
MeetingPack Check2/10/2011
Patrol EventOttrrrr Sled Building - Day 32/10/2011
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/7/2011
Patrol EventOttrrr Sled Building - Day 22/7/2011
Patrol EventOttrrrr Sled Building - Day 12/5/2011
NoticeVFW Breakfast2/5/2011
Special EventOpen House1/31/2011
Service ProjectVFW Steak Nite1/28/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting1/24/2011
ChoreCleaning the Hall for Open House1/22/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting1/17/2011
MeetingPack Check1/13/2011
MeetingTroop Meeting1/10/2011
MeetingPhilmont Kick Off Meeting1/10/2011
Service ProjectParking Lot Cleanup1/8/2011
NoticeVFW Breakfast1/8/2011
Service ProjectChristmas Tree Recycling- Pickup1/8/2011
Special EventGame Night/Lock-in1/7/2011 - 1/8/2011
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/3/2011
MeetingPack Check12/16/2010
Special EventAustin's Eagle COH12/16/2010
Special EventCourt of Honor12/13/2010
NoticeVFW Breakfast12/11/2010
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/6/2010
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales12/5/2010
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales12/4/2010
MeetingPack Check12/2/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting11/29/2010
Board of ReviewTommy C - Eagle11/27/2010
NoticeVFW Breakfast11/13/2010
ChoreParking Lot Cleanup!11/13/2010
Special EventMovie Night/Lock-in11/12/2010 - 11/13/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting11/8/2010
Special EventPathfinder MB11/4/2010
MeetingPack Check11/4/2010
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/1/2010
Special EventCarpentry MB Clinic Day 210/28/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting10/25/2010
Service ProjectVFW Steak Nite10/22/2010
MeetingPack Check10/21/2010
Special EventCarpentry MB Clinic 10/21/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting10/18/2010
TrainingYouth Protection Training10/11/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting10/11/2010
NoticeVFW Breakfast10/9/2010
TrainingTLT Lockin10/8/2010 - 10/9/2010
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/4/2010
MeetingPack Check9/30/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting9/27/2010
Service ProjectVFW Steak Nite9/24/2010
MeetingPack Check9/23/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting9/20/2010
Special EventCourt of Honor9/13/2010
Service ProjectScouting For Food - Pickup9/12/2010
NoticeVFW Breakfast9/11/2010
Service ProjectScouting For Food - Distribution9/11/2010
MeetingPack Check9/9/2010
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/6/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting8/30/2010
Service ProjectVFW District Picnic8/28/2010
ChoreMowing the Ball Field8/27/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting8/23/2010
MeetingPack Check8/19/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting8/16/2010
NoticeVFW Breakfast8/14/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting8/9/2010
Service ProjectCraig's Eagle Project8/5/2010
MeetingPack Check8/5/2010
Service ProjectCraig's Eagle Project8/4/2010
Service ProjectCraig's Eagle Project8/3/2010
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/2/2010
ChoreMowing the Ball Field8/1/2010
Service ProjectCraig's Eagle Project8/1/2010
Special EventCanoe workup7/31/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting7/26/2010
ChoreBall Field Mowing7/25/2010
Service ProjectRock Moving7/24/2010
Service ProjectVFW Steak Nite7/23/2010
Service ProjectWhaling Days Float Prep7/23/2010
ChoreBall Field Maintenance7/21/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting7/19/2010
ChoreLawn Mowing7/18/2010
MeetingCanoe 50-miler Planning Mtg7/10/2010
NoticeVFW Breakfast7/10/2010
Service ProjectAustin's Eagle Project7/10/2010
MeetingSummer Camp Pack Check7/10/2010
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/5/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting6/28/2010
ChoreLawn Mowing6/26/2010
Service ProjectVFW Steak Nite6/25/2010
MeetingPack Check6/24/2010
Service ProjectAustin's Eagle Project6/21/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting6/21/2010
MeetingPLC- Annual Schedule6/21/2010
ChoreLawn Mowing6/19/2010
MeetingPack Check6/17/2010
Service ProjectAustin's Eagle Project6/17/2010
Special EventCourt of Honor6/14/2010
ChoreLawn Mowing6/12/2010
Special EventSpencer's Eagle COH6/12/2010
MeetingPack Check6/10/2010
Service ProjectAustin's Eagle Project6/10/2010
MeetingCommittee Meeting6/7/2010
ChoreLawn Mowing6/5/2010
MeetingPack Check6/3/2010
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting6/2/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting5/31/2010
Service ProjectVFW Steak Nite5/28/2010
ChoreLawn Mowing5/24/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting5/24/2010
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 25/23/2010
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 15/22/2010
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting5/12/2010
MeetingPack Check5/12/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting5/10/2010
NoticeVFW Breakfast5/8/2010
ChoreWeed Whacking5/8/2010
ChoreSweep up Parking Lot5/7/2010
ChoreLawn Mowing5/6/2010
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting5/5/2010
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/3/2010
ChoreLawn Mowing5/1/2010
MeetingPack Check4/29/2010
MeetingAdvancement Review4/26/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting4/26/2010
ChoreLawn Mowing4/24/2010
Service ProjectVFW Steak Nite4/23/2010
ChoreLawn Mowing4/19/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting4/19/2010
MeetingPack Check4/15/2010
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting4/14/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting4/12/2010
ChoreLawn Mowing4/12/2010
Fund RaiserRummage Sale4/10/2010
ChoreVFW Roof Repair4/10/2010
Fund RaiserRummage Sale Setup4/9/2010
TrainingTLT Lockin4/9/2010 - 4/10/2010
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting4/7/2010
ChoreVFW Hall Tree Removal & Roof Repair4/6/2010
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/5/2010
ChoreVFW Hall Tree Removal4/3/2010
ChoreWell Pump Install3/31/2010
ChoreWell Pump Removal3/27/2010
Service ProjectVFW Steak Nite3/26/2010
ChoreParking Lot Cleanup3/24/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting3/22/2010
MeetingPack Check3/18/2010
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting3/18/2010
Special EventCourt of Honor3/15/2010
Service ProjectScouting for Food Pickup3/14/2010
Service ProjectHerman's Eagle Project3/14/2010
NoticeVFW Breakfast3/13/2010
Service ProjectHerman's Eagle Project3/13/2010
Service ProjectScouting for Food Distro3/13/2010
Service ProjectHerman's Eagle Project3/12/2010
Special EventCharter Presentation3/10/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting3/8/2010
MeetingPack Check3/4/2010
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/1/2010
Service ProjectVFW Steak Nite2/26/2010
MeetingPack Check2/25/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting2/22/2010
MeetingPack Check2/18/2010
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting2/18/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting2/15/2010
NoticeVFW Breakfast2/13/2010
OA EventOA Ceremonies Weekend2/12/2010 - 2/13/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting2/8/2010
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/1/2010
Special EventOpen House1/25/2010
Service ProjectVFW Steak Nite1/22/2010
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting1/21/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting1/18/2010
Special EventMovie Night/Lock-in1/15/2010 - 1/16/2010
MeetingTroop Meeting1/11/2010
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting1/7/2010
MeetingPack Check1/7/2010
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/4/2010
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Recycling Pickup1/2/2010
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting12/17/2009
MeetingPack Check12/17/2009
Special EventCourt of Honor12/14/2009
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales12/13/2009
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Sales12/12/2009
NoticeVFW Breakfast12/12/2009
TrainingTLT Lockin12/12/2009 - 12/13/2009
Special EventGame Night/Lock-in12/11/2009 - 12/12/2009
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/7/2009
MeetingPack Check12/3/2009
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting12/3/2009
MeetingAdvancement Reveiw11/30/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting11/30/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting11/23/2009
ChoreParking Lot Cleanup11/21/2009
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting11/19/2009
NoticePopcorn Pickup11/14/2009
NoticeVFW Breakfast11/14/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting11/9/2009
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting11/5/2009
MeetingPack Check11/5/2009
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/2/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting10/26/2009
Service ProjectVFW Steak Dinner10/23/2009
MeetingPack Check10/22/2009
Special EventSM & ASM Appreciation Night10/19/2009
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting10/15/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting10/12/2009
MeetingPack Check10/8/2009
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/5/2009
Service ProjectScouting For Food- Pickup10/4/2009
Service ProjectScouting For Food- Distro10/3/2009
NoticeVFW Breakfast10/3/2009
OA EventOA Ceremonies Meeting10/1/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting9/28/2009
Service ProjectSpencer's Eagle Project9/27/2009
Service ProjectVFW Steak Dinner9/25/2009
ChoreLawn Mowing9/24/2009
Service ProjectSpencer's Eagle Project9/24/2009
Special EventCourt of Honor9/21/2009
Special EventSurvivorman Lock-in9/18/2009 - 9/19/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting9/14/2009
NoticeVFW Breakfast9/12/2009
MeetingPack Check9/10/2009
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/7/2009
MeetingPack Check9/3/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting8/31/2009
Service ProjectVFW Steak Dinner8/28/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting8/24/2009
MeetingPack Check8/23/2009
ChoreTent Washing8/23/2009
MeetingPack Check8/19/2009
ChoreLawn Mowing8/18/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting8/17/2009
Meeting50 Miler Planning Session8/17/2009
NoticeVFW Breakfast8/8/2009
MeetingPack Check8/6/2009
ChoreMow Ball Field8/5/2009
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/3/2009
MeetingPack Check7/29/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting7/27/2009
Service ProjectWhaling Days Parade7/25/2009
Service ProjectWhaling Days Float Prep7/24/2009
Service ProjectVFW Steak Dinner7/24/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting7/20/2009
Special EventPersonal Management Merit Badge Class7/20/2009
MeetingPack Check7/16/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting7/13/2009
ChoreSweeping VFW Parking Lot7/10/2009
ChoreVFW Lawn/Field Mowing7/9/2009
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/6/2009
ChoreMow Ball Field7/4/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting6/29/2009
ChoreLawn Mowing6/27/2009
Service ProjectVFW Steak Dinner6/26/2009
ChoreLawn Mowing6/22/2009
MeetingPack Check6/18/2009
Special EventCourt of Honor6/15/2009
ChoreLawn Mowing6/14/2009
Service ProjectVFW Flag Retirement Ceremony6/14/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting6/8/2009
Service ProjectBrody's Eagle Project- Shift 26/6/2009
Service ProjectBrody's Eagle Project- Shift 16/6/2009
ChoreLawn Mowing6/4/2009
Patrol EventPanther Patrol Project6/2/2009
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/1/2009
Special EventPersonal Management Merit Badge class6/1/2009
ChoreLawn Mowing5/30/2009
MeetingPack Check5/28/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting5/25/2009
ChoreLawn Mowing5/23/2009
Service ProjectVFW Steak Dinner5/22/2009
ChoreLawn Mowing5/16/2009
MeetingPack Check5/14/2009
ChoreLawn Mowing5/11/2009
Special EventFamily Life Merit Badge class5/11/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting5/11/2009
TrainingTLT/Lock-in5/8/2009 - 5/9/2009
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/4/2009
Service ProjectVFW Breakfast5/2/2009
ChoreLawn Mowing5/2/2009
MeetingPack Check4/30/2009
Special EventAdvancement Review4/27/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting4/27/2009
ChoreLawn Mowing4/26/2009
Service ProjectVFW Steak Dinner4/24/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting4/20/2009
Fund RaiserRummage Sale4/18/2009
Fund RaiserRummage Sale- Setup4/17/2009
MeetingPack Check4/16/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting4/13/2009
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/6/2009
Service ProjectVFW Breakfast4/4/2009
Service ProjectVFW Steak Dinner3/27/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting3/23/2009
Service ProjectScouting for Food- Pickup3/22/2009
Service ProjectVFW Hall - Yard Cleanup3/22/2009
Service ProjectScouting for Food- Distribution3/21/2009
Special EventCourt of Honor3/16/2009
Special EventCharter Presentation3/11/2009
MeetingPack Check3/11/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting3/9/2009
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/2/2009
MeetingPack Check2/26/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting2/23/2009
MeetingPack Check2/19/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting2/16/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting2/9/2009
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/2/2009
TrainingCPR Training1/31/2009
Special EventOpen House1/26/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting1/19/2009
MeetingPack Check1/15/2009
MeetingTroop Meeting1/12/2009
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/5/2009
Special EventGame Night/Lock-in1/3/2009 - 1/4/2009
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree recycling1/3/2009
MeetingPLC Pizza Night12/29/2008
Special EventMovie Night/Lock-in12/20/2008 - 12/21/2008
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Collection- Flyer distribution12/20/2008
Special EventCourt of Honor12/15/2008
MeetingPack Check12/11/2008
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/1/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting11/24/2008
MeetingPack Check11/13/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting11/10/2008
MeetingPack Check Training11/10/2008
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/3/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting10/27/2008
ChoreParking Lot Cleanup10/26/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting10/20/2008
MeetingPack Check10/16/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting10/13/2008
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/6/2008
MeetingPack Check10/2/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting9/29/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting9/22/2008
MeetingPack Check9/18/2008
Special EventCourt of Honor9/15/2008
Service ProjectVFW Rummage Sale9/13/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting9/8/2008
ChoreTent Washing9/7/2008
MeetingPack Check9/4/2008
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/1/2008
ChoreLawn Mowing8/28/2008
MeetingPack Check8/28/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting/PLC8/25/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting8/18/2008
NoticeCommittee Meeting8/4/2008
MeetingPack Check7/31/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting7/28/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting7/21/2008
MeetingPack Check 50-miler 7/17/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting7/14/2008
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/7/2008
MeetingPack Check7/2/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting6/30/2008
Service ProjectVFW Basement Work Party6/28/2008
ChoreLawn Mowing6/28/2008
TrainingTLT6/23/2008 - 6/24/2008
MeetingPhilmont Organization Meeting6/23/2008
ChoreLawn Mowing6/19/2008
MeetingPack Check6/19/2008
Special EventCourt of Honor6/16/2008
Special EventBrian's Eagle COH6/14/2008
ChoreLawn Mowing6/14/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting6/9/2008
ChoreLawn Mowing6/9/2008
MeetingPack Check6/5/2008
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/2/2008
ChoreLawn mowing5/31/2008
MeetingPLC - Troop Meeting Follows5/26/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting5/26/2008
ChoreLawn mowing5/24/2008
ChoreLawn mowing5/17/2008
MeetingPack Check5/15/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting5/12/2008
ChoreLawn mowing5/10/2008
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/5/2008
ChoreLawn mowing5/3/2008
ChoreLawn mowing5/1/2008
MeetingPack Check5/1/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting4/28/2008
MeetingPLC - Troop Meeting Follows4/28/2008
ChoreLawn mowing4/21/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting4/21/2008
MeetingPack Check4/17/2008
ChoreLawn mowing4/16/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting4/14/2008
ChoreRummage Sale- Setup4/11/2008
Special EventCharter Presentation4/9/2008
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/7/2008
ChoreLawn mowing4/5/2008
Service ProjectVFW work project3/29/2008
ChoreLawn mowing3/29/2008
MeetingPLC - Troop Meeting Follows3/24/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting3/24/2008
ChoreLawn mowing3/22/2008
Special EventBike clinic and Merit Badge review3/18/2008
ChoreLawn mowing3/15/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting3/10/2008
MeetingPack Check3/6/2008
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/3/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting2/25/2008
MeetingPLC - Troop Meeting Follows2/25/2008
ChoreRemodeling Gear Storage2/23/2008
MeetingPack Check2/21/2008
Special EventSnow Sports Merit Badge Class2/18/2008
ChoreRemodeling Gear Storage2/18/2008
ChoreAdding Lights to the Awning2/18/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting2/18/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting2/11/2008
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/4/2008
MeetingNew Scout Orientation2/4/2008
Service ProjectVFW work project2/2/2008
Special EventOpen House1/28/2008
ChoreRoofing Awning/Electical1/25/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting1/21/2008
MeetingPLC - Troop Meeting Follows1/21/2008
ChoreBuilding Awning1/19/2008
ChoreScout Hall Cleanup1/19/2008
MeetingTroop Meeting1/14/2008
MeetingPack Check1/10/2008
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/7/2008
Special EventCourt of Honor12/17/2007
MeetingPack Check12/13/2007
Special EventTroop Movie Night/Lock in12/8/2007 - 12/9/2007
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting -CANX12/3/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting11/26/2007
MeetingPLC - Troop Meeting Follows11/26/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting11/19/2007
MeetingPack Check11/15/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting11/12/2007
MeetingPhilmont Kickoff11/12/2007
Special EventGame Night11/10/2007 - 11/11/2007
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/5/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting10/29/2007
MeetingPLC - Troop Meeting follows10/29/2007
MeetingEnvironmental Science MB10/22/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting10/22/2007
MeetingPack Check10/18/2007
Service ProjectPack 539 Webelos Camping Practice10/17/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting10/15/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting10/8/2007
MeetingPack Check10/4/2007
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/1/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting/PLC9/24/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn mowing9/21/2007
MeetingPack Check9/20/2007
Special EventCourt of Honor9/17/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting9/10/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing9/10/2007
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/3/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting/PLC8/27/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing8/18/2007
MeetingPack Check8/16/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting8/13/2007
MeetingPack Check8/9/2007
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/6/2007
Special EventTroop 412 Welcome Barbeque8/4/2007
MeetingPack Check8/4/2007
TrainingTrail to First Class7/30/2007
Service ProjectWhaling Days Parade7/28/2007
Service ProjectWhaling Days Float Prep7/27/2007
Service ProjectMowing the Baseball Field7/26/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing7/26/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting7/23/2007
MeetingPack Check7/19/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing7/16/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting7/16/2007
Service ProjectDignity Vietnam Wall memorial 7/13/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting7/9/2007
MeetingPack Check7/5/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing7/2/2007
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/2/2007
ChoreVFW Weed Prevention6/30/2007
MeetingPLC/Troop Meeting6/25/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing6/25/2007
TrainingTroop JLT6/25/2007
Special EventCharlie's Eagle Court of Honor6/21/2007
ChoreVFW Weed Control6/19/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting6/18/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing6/18/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing6/11/2007
MeetingPack Check6/7/2007
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/4/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing6/3/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing5/26/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing5/19/2007
MeetingPack Check5/17/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting5/14/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing5/14/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing5/7/2007
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/7/2007
MeetingPack Check5/3/2007
MeetingNew Scout Orientation (Part 2)4/30/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing4/28/2007
MeetingCommittee Vision and Goals Planning4/23/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting4/23/2007
MeetingPack Check4/19/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing4/19/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting4/16/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing4/14/2007
ChoreRummage Sale4/14/2007
ChoreRummage Sale Setup4/13/2007
TrainingRound Table4/12/2007
Special EventCharter Presentation4/11/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing4/9/2007
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/9/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing3/31/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing3/24/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting3/19/2007
Special EventFamily Life merit badge clinic3/19/2007
ChoreVFW Lawn Mowing3/17/2007
Special EventCourt of Honor3/12/2007
MeetingPack Check3/8/2007
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/5/2007
Special EventNew Scout Orientation2/26/2007
Service ProjectScouting for Food - Pickup2/25/2007
Service ProjectScouting for Food - Distribution2/24/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting2/19/2007
MeetingPack Check2/15/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting2/12/2007
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/5/2007
MeetingTroop Meeting1/15/2007
MeetingPack Check1/11/2007
Special EventOpen House1/8/2007
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/1/2007
ChoreScout Hall Cleanup12/30/2006
Special EventCourt of Honor12/11/2006
Notice13 week homework due for mini clinic12/4/2006
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/4/2006
ChorePaint Party12/3/2006
Special EventLock-in12/2/2006 - 12/3/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting11/20/2006
MeetingPack Check11/16/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting11/13/2006
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/6/2006
Service ProjectCharlie's Eagle Project10/29/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting10/23/2006
MeetingPack Check10/19/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting10/16/2006
Service ProjectCharlie's Eagle Project10/9/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting10/9/2006
Service ProjectCharlie's Eagle Project10/8/2006
Service ProjectCharlie's Eagle Project- shift 110/7/2006
Service ProjectCharlie's Eagle Project- shift 210/7/2006
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/2/2006
MeetingPack Check9/28/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting/PLC9/25/2006
Special EventCourt of Honor9/18/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting9/11/2006
Special EventPersonal Management mini clinic9/11/2006
MeetingPack Check9/7/2006
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/4/2006
MeetingPLC/Troop JLT8/28/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting/Pack Check8/21/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting8/14/2006
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/7/2006
Service ProjectWhaling Days7/29/2006
Service ProjectWhaling Days Float Decoration7/28/2006
MeetingPack Check7/27/2006
Fund RaiserRummage Sale7/22/2006
Fund RaiserRummage Sale Setup7/21/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting7/17/2006
MeetingPack Check7/13/2006
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/3/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting6/26/2006
MeetingPack Check6/15/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting6/12/2006
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/5/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting5/22/2006
MeetingPack Check5/18/2006
MeetingPack Check5/4/2006
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/1/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting4/24/2006
MeetingPack Check4/20/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting4/17/2006
ChoreRummage Sale4/15/2006
ChoreRummage Sale Setup4/14/2006
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/10/2006
Special EventCourt of Honor3/20/2006
Service ProjectGood Turn for America3/19/2006
Service ProjectGood Turn for America3/18/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting3/13/2006
Special EventPack Check/Charter Presentation3/8/2006
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/6/2006
MeetingPack Check2/23/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting2/20/2006
Special EventLock-in2/17/2006 - 2/18/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting2/13/2006
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/6/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting1/30/2006
Special EventCourt of Honor1/16/2006
Special EventOpen House1/9/2006
ChoreClean Scout Hall1/7/2006
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/2/2006
MeetingTroop Meeting12/12/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/5/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting11/21/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting11/14/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting/Pack Check11/7/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting10/24/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting10/17/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting10/10/2005
MeetingPack Check10/6/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/3/2005
MeetingPack Check9/22/2005
Special EventCourt of Honor9/19/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/12/2005
MeetingPack Check8/25/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting8/22/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting8/15/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/8/2005
Service ProjectWhaling Days Float Prep7/29/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting7/25/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/18/2005
Service ProjectLawn Cleanup7/8/2005
Service ProjectLawn Cleanup7/7/2005
MeetingPack Check7/7/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting6/27/2005
Special EventEagle COH for Phillip6/26/2005
MeetingPLC/Troop JLT6/20/2005
MeetingPack Check6/16/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting6/13/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/6/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting5/23/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting5/9/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting5/2/2005
MeetingPack Check4/28/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting4/25/2005
Fund RaiserRummage Sale4/23/2005
ChoreRummage Sale Setup4/22/2005
ChoreRummage Sale Setup4/18/2005
MeetingPack Check4/14/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/11/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting3/28/2005
Special EventCourt of Honor3/21/2005
Special EventCharter Presentation3/9/2005
MeetingPack Check3/9/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/7/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting2/28/2005
MeetingPack Check2/10/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting2/7/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting1/31/2005
MeetingTroop Meeting1/24/2005
MeetingPack Check1/13/2005
Special EventOpen House1/10/2005
ChoreClean Scout Hall1/8/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/3/2005
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/6/2004
MeetingHoliday Party11/29/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting11/15/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting11/8/2004
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting11/1/2004
MeetingPack Check10/21/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting10/18/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting10/11/2004
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/4/2004
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/13/2004
Service ProjectVFW Hall Concrete Work9/11/2004
MeetingPack Check9/2/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting8/30/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting8/23/2004
MeetingPack Check8/11/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting8/9/2004
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting8/2/2004
Service ProjectEagle Project- Phillip7/24/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting7/19/2004
MeetingPack Check7/8/2004
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting7/5/2004
Service ProjectEagle Project- Phillip7/5/2004
Service ProjectEagle Project- Phillip7/3/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting6/28/2004
Service ProjectEagle Project- Phillip6/26/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting6/14/2004
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting6/7/2004
ChoreSpring Cleaning6/5/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting5/24/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting5/17/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting5/10/2004
MeetingPLC/Committee Meeting5/3/2004
MeetingPack Check4/29/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting4/26/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting4/19/2004
MeetingPack Check4/15/2004
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting4/12/2004
Special EventVFW Tent Sale4/6/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting3/29/2004
Service ProjectScouting For Food Pickup3/27/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting3/22/2004
MeetingPack Check3/11/2004
ChoreVFW Cleanup3/9/2004
Special EventCourt of Honor3/8/2004
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting3/1/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting2/23/2004
Service ProjectVFW Hall Moving Dirt2/18/2004
MeetingPack Check2/5/2004
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting/Training2/2/2004
Special EventMerit Badge Clinic1/31/2004
Special EventMerit Badge Clinic1/24/2004
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting1/12/2004
MeetingTroop Meeting12/8/2003
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting12/1/2003
MeetingTroop Meeting11/24/2003
MeetingPack Check11/13/2003
MeetingTroop Meeting11/10/2003
MeetingTroop Meeting/Committee Meeting11/3/2003
MeetingPack Check10/23/2003
MeetingTroop Meeting10/20/2003
NoticeHoliday - No Meeting10/13/2003
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting10/6/2003
MeetingTroop/Committee Meeting9/8/2003
MeetingTroop Meeting7/28/2003
Service ProjectWhaling Days Parade7/26/2003
Service ProjectWhaling Days Float Decoration7/25/2003
Service ProjectParking Lot Cleanup6/10/2003
MeetingTroop Meeting6/9/2003
Special EventFlag Folding Ceremony3/4/2002
Special EventCourt of Honor3/5/2001
TrainingTroop JLT2/20/1999
MeetingTroop Meeting1/18/1999
MeetingSled Building1/17/1999
Special EventCourt of Honor9/10/1984

Sites List

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Bangor Bowling Alley  (4)
Bangor Pool  (9)
Barnes & Noble  (1)
Breidablik Hall  (3)
Breidablik Hall  (1)
Breidablik Hall  (8)
Breidablik Hall  (1)
Bremerton Elks Club  (1)
Bremerton Marina  (5)
Brownsville Elementary School  (5)
Cedar Glen Mobile Home Park  (2)
Clear Creek Dentistry  (3)
Commanche Peak (Philmont)  (1)
Crossroads Community Church  (1)
Crystal Grange  (11)
Crystal Grange  (8)
Crystal Grange  (2)
Federal Way  (1)
First Lutheran Church - Poulsbo  (2)
First Lutheran Church - Poulsbo  (1)
First Lutheran Church - Poulsbo  (42)
Florida Sea Base
Fort AP Hill  (1)
Gilberton Hall
Gluds Pond Road  (3)
Green Mountain  (1)
Holy Trinity Catholic Church  (6)
Indian Island  (6)
Indian Island  (1)
Indian Island  (2)
Indian Island  (5)
Indian Island  (6)
Island Lake County Park  (1)
KBH Archers  (6)
KBH Archers  (2)
KBH Archers  (1)
Kitsap Conference Center  (2)
Kitsap County Fairgrounds  (3)
Kitsap County Fairgrounds  (36)
Kitsap County Fairgrounds  (6)
Kitsap County Fairgrounds  (1)
Kitsap County Fairgrounds  (1)
Kitsap County Fairgrounds  (4)
Lutherhaven  (1)
Lutherhaven  (1)
Lutherhaven  (1)
Madrona Park  (6)
Masonic Lodge  (1)
Mt Adams  (2)
Mt Adams  (2)
Mt Buckhorn  (1)
Mt Buckhorn  (1)
Mt Ellinor  (1)
Mt Ellinor  (1)
Mt Ellinor  (6)
Mt Gladys  (1)
Mt Phillips (Philmont)  (1)
Mt Rainier  (3)
Mt Saint Helens  (1)
Mt Saint Helens Nat'l Monument  (1)
Mt Townsend  (1)
Mt Townsend  (2)
Mt Walker  (3)
Nels Nelson LDS Church  (3)
Nels Nelson LDS Church  (9)
NEX Bangor  (2)
NEX Bangor  (7)
NEX Bremerton  (18)
North Kitsap High School  (1)
Olympic High School  (6)
Point No Point County Park
Poulsbo LDS Church  (1)
Poulsbo LDS Church  (24)
Poulsbo LDS Church  (14)
Poulsbo LDS Church  (7)
Poulsbo LDS Church  (1)
Poulsbo Lutheran Church  (1)
Poulsbo Lutheran Church  (1)
Poulsbo Lutheran Church  (1)
Poulsbo Lutheran Church  (9)
Poulsbo Sportsman Club  (4)
Raab Park  (3)
Raab Park  (1)
Raab Park  (4)
Rolling Hills Golf Course  (2)
Scout Hall in Silverdale  (1)
Scout Hall in Silverdale  (8)
Scout Hall in Silverdale  (2)
Shaefer's Peak (Philmont)  (1)
Silverdale Lutheran Church  (11)
Silverdale Lutheran Church  (1)
Silverdale Lutheran Church  (125)
Silverdale Lutheran Church  (12)
Silverdale Methodist Church  (1)
Silverdale Methodist Church  (4)
Silverdale Methodist Church  (5)
St Antony's Episcopal Church  (9)
Tillamook Air Museum  (1)
Tooth of Time (Philmont)  (1)
Trident Ball Room - Bangor  (2)
USS Turner Joy  (4)
Vertical World  (10)
Vertical World  (1)
VFW Hall  (1)
VFW Hall  (158)
VFW Hall  (120)
VFW Hall  (56)
VFW Hall  (793)
VFW Hall  (40)
VFW Hall  (29)
VFW Hall  (177)
VFW Hall  (7)
VFW Hall  (18)
VFW Hall  (15)
VFW Hall  (60)
Windermere Realty, Silverdale  (6)
7 Wells Stables  (1)
Birch Bay State Park  (4)
Coram Deo Church  (33)
Mount Rainier Nat'l Park  (5)
Mount Rainier Nat'l Park  (1)
Northwest Golf  (11)
Westminster Chapel  (1)
   Beaver Flats  (4)
   Beaver Flats  (1)
   Camp Handy  (5)
   Camp Jolley  (1)
   Deer Lake  (1)
   Dosewallips Falls  (7)
   Flapjack Lakes
   Grand Lake
   Gray Wolf  (2)
   Humes Ranch  (2)
   Lena Lake  (4)
   Moose Lake
   Murtle Lake  (3)
   Olympic Hot Springs  (5)
   Olympic Hot Springs  (3)
   Olympic National Forest  (18)
   Olympic National Forest  (1)
   Olympic National Forest  (10)
   Olympic National Forest  (1)
   Olympic National Park  (19)
   Olympic National Park  (3)
   Olympic National Park  (1)
   Olympic National Park  (1)
   Reflection Lake - Mt Rainier  (1)
   Ross Lake  (1)
   Silver Lakes  (5)
   Silver Lakes  (1)
   Third Beach  (7)
   Third Beach  (1)
   Tubal Cain Mine
BSA Camp
   Camp Baker  (2)
   Camp Baker  (3)
   Camp Buffalo Bill
   Camp Cherry Valley
   Camp Easton  (1)
   Camp Easton  (1)
   Camp Emerald Bay  (1)
   Camp Fife
   Camp Hahobas  (1)
   Camp Hahobas  (1)
   Camp Hahobas  (2)
   Camp Makualla  (1)
   Camp Meriwether  (3)
   Camp Meriwether  (6)
   Camp Parsons  (13)
   Camp Parsons  (1)
   Camp Parsons  (14)
   Camp Parsons  (11)
   Camp Pigott  (2)
   Camp Pigott  (1)
   Camp Pigott  (10)
   Camp Pigott  (20)
   Camp Pioneer
   Fire Mountain  (3)
   Fire Mountain  (2)
   Fire Mountain  (4)
   K-M Scout Ranch
   Melita Island
BSA Camp- closed
   Black Mountain  (1)
   Black Mountain  (1)
BSA High Adventure Base
   Bechtel Summit  (1)
   Camp Sheppard  (8)
   Camp Sheppard  (13)
   Camp Sheppard  (4)
   Philmont Scout Ranch  (5)
   Philmont Scout Ranch  (6)
   Philmont Scout Ranch  (1)
   Brownsville Marina  (1)
   Brownsville Marina  (11)
   Brownsville Marina  (1)
   Brownsville Marina  (1)
   Northern Tier HAB
   Wells Gray Provincial Park  (2)
Car Camp
   Ape Cave  (2)
   Ape Cave  (1)
   Battle Point Park  (6)
   Battle Point Park  (2)
   Battle Point Park  (1)
   Beaver Bay  (1)
   Blake Island State Park  (3)
   Dungeness Rec Area  (1)
   Dungeness Rec Area  (8)
   Fort Flagler State Park  (6)
   Fort Flagler State Park  (2)
   Fort Flagler State Park  (1)
   Fort Flagler State Park  (1)
   Fort Lewis  (3)
   Fort Worden State Park  (1)
   Hause Creek Campground  (2)
   Illahee State Park
   Kitsap Memorial State Park  (1)
   Kitsap Memorial State Park  (12)
   Kitsap Memorial State Park  (1)
   Kitsap Memorial State Park  (2)
   Lilliwaup Creek Campground  (3)
   Lilliwaup Creek Campground  (1)
   Manchester State Park  (1)
   Manchester State Park  (1)
   Port Gamble  (2)
   Port Gamble  (1)
   Rainbow Group Camp  (3)
   Rainbow Group Camp  (1)
   Rainbow Group Camp  (1)
   Salt Creek Rec Area  (4)
   Salt Creek Rec Area  (1)
   Scenic Beach State Park
   Sunrise Point  (1)
   Sunrise Point  (1)
   Twin Lakes 4H Camp  (9)
   Twin Lakes 4H Camp  (4)
Cub Scout Camp
   Camp Brinkley  (7)
   Camp Thunderbird  (1)
Girl Scout Camp
   Peninsula Bible Fellowship  (8)
   Peninsula Bible Fellowship  (8)
   Peninsula Bible Fellowship  (1)